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EM 020 Disaster Mythology

The myths of disaster. This short course for emergency management practitioners helps to dispel disaster myths and discuss what really happens during disaster. This course is based on decades of disaster research.

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There are four objectives to this course.

1. Explain the concepts of “myth” and “disaster mythology”

2. Describe how empirical field research has debunked commonly held beliefs (myths) about disaster behavior

3. Explain why emergency managers must be aware of myths associated with disaster behavior

4. Identify at least 10 myths about disaster behavior and describe research that has proven them to be incorrect.


Despite extensive research, the myth of panic cannot be disproved. Emergency managers must include methods to prevent panic in their local emergency plans. (T or F)

The phrase, "the emergency plan must be based on what you want them to do not what they are likely to do" is an example of

a. panic image
b. dependency image
c. control image
d. reverse image

The final exam is 10 questions taken from the reading material. You may use any of the materials while taking the test.

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