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The bookstore provides a source of professional emergency management books for used in our courses as well as excellent reference materials for the emergency management practitioner. Click on book cover for more information.

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Cartographies of DangerCartographies of Danger; Mapping Hazards in America by Mark Monmonier Cooperating with Nature Cooperating with Nature; Confronting Natural Hazard, Raymond J. Burby, Editor Emergency Evacuation of CitiesThe Emergency Evacuation of Cities by Wilbur Zelinsky and Leszek A. Kosinski Guns, Germs, and SteelGuns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond
Black Cloud Black Cloud, The Great Florida Hurricane of 1928 by Eliot Kleinberg Dark Tide Dark Tide, The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 by Stephen Puleo Limits of SafetyThe Limits of Safety; Organizations, Accidents and Nuclear Weapons by Scott D. Sagan Spying With MapsSpying With Maps; Surveillance Technologies and the Future of Privacy by Mark Monmonier
The Day the World Came to Town 9/11 The Day the World Came to Town 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland, Jim Defede The Myth of Homeland Security The Myth of Homeland Security, by Marcus J. Ranum  Code Names by William Arkin Waiting for the End of the WorldWaiting for the End of the World, by Richard Ross
Medical GeographyMedical Geography by Melinda S. Meade Fire Storm at Peshtigo Firestorm at Peshtigo by Denise Gess, William Lutz Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Airphoto Interpretation Terrorism and Emergency Management Terrorism and Emergency Management by William Waugh

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