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The bookstore provides a source of professional emergency management books for used in our courses as well as excellent reference materials for the emergency management practitioner. Click on book cover for more information.

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Preparing for Biological TerrorismTerrorism Preparedness Library
by George Buck, Christopher Hawley, Armando Bevelacqua, Richard Stilp
Preparing for TerrorismPreparing for Terrorism
by George Buck
Disasters: Violence of Nature; Threats by ManDisasters: An Analysis of Natural and Human-Induced Hazards
by Charles H. V. Ebert
Disaster Recovery PlanningDisaster Recovery Planning
by Jon William Toigo
Disasters by DesignDisasters by Design
by Dennis S. Mileti
One Nation UndergroundOne Nation Underground
by Kenneth D. Rose
Planning the UnthinkablePlanning the Unthinkable
by Peter R. Lavoy
Flirting with DisasterFlirting With Disaster
by Saundra K. Schneider
Information WarfareInformation Warfare
by Winn Schwartau
Animal Management in DisasterAnimal Management in Disasters
by Sebastian E. Heath
Normal AccidentsNormal Accidents
by Charles Perrow
The Imaginary WarThe Imaginary War
by Guy Oakes
Preventing Nuclear WarPreventing Nuclear War: A Realistic Approach
by Barry M. Blechman
The Medical Implications of Nuclear WarThe Medical Implications of Nuclear War
by Fredric Solomon, Robert Q. Marston (Editor)
The Effects of Nuclear WeaponsThe Effects of Nuclear Weapons Handbook of Emergency ManagementHandbook of Emergency Management by William Waugh

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